Tyres, Wheel Alignments & Wheel Balancing


Tyres & Wheel Alignment Rocklea BrisbaneWe can help you with all of your tyre, wheel alignment and wheel balancing needs at our workshop in Rocklea.


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Our services include:

  • New tyre sales and fitting
  • Tyre repairs where possible
  • Wheel alignments
  • Wheel balancing


New Tyres & Repairs

Your tyres have ‘wear bars' which are raised features at the bottom of the tread grooves which indicate that the tyre needs replacing when they are reached (worn down to that point).

Punctures in the part of the tyre that comes into contact with the road can be repaired but most other punctures and tyre damage are unrepairable and will require you to get a new tyre.

It's important to keep your tyre inflated to the correct pressure as it affects a number of things including handling, braking, fuel efficiency and ride quality. Check your tyre pressure regularly and adjust it if necessary.


Wheel Alignment

Correctly aligned wheels have optimal contact with the road and angles in relation to each other and the centre of the car. Your wheels can be knocked out of alignment by an event such as hitting the curb or a small crash or by just normal driving over time. If your wheels are misaligned you will probably notice that the car pulls to one side whilst pointing straight, the steering wheel shakes or the tyres are wearing unevenly.


Wheel Balancing

For your wheels to spin optimally and give you a smooth an efficient drive they need to be correctly balanced. Similar to your wheel's alignment, their balance can go off over time through normal driving or from some event like a collision. Wheels in need of balancing are often characterised by the car shaking at certain speeds.


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