Suspension & Shock Absorbers


Get suspension and shock absorber servicing, repairs and replacements from our mobile service or at our workshop in Rocklea, Brisbane. We are an independent local business backed by a national name - Repco - and, for your peace of mind their Nationwide Warranty.

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The Safety Triangle - Stopping, Steering, Stability

Your vehicle's stopping, steering and stability are three interdependent systems which are critical for keeping you, your passengers and your car safe. Together they are labelled 'The Safety Triangle.'

Your car's suspension and shock absorbers play an important role in all three elements of the safety triangle so any problems could severely affect the safety of your vehicle.

If you notice any problems with your suspension or shock absorbers we recommend you call us ASAP to get it looked at.

What are Shock Absorbers?

The role of shock absorbers (aka shockers or shocks) is to dissipate the energy absorbed by the suspension springs when the car goes over a bump or the weight changes such as when cornering, braking or accelerating.

'Struts' are a combination of your suspension springs and your shock absorbers inside them. Another important part is the 'anti sway bar' which spans the width of the axel and joins the opposite sides of the suspension together to provide stability while the car is moving.

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