Electronic Fuel Injection Service


If your car doesn't feel or sound right when idling or starting up, you may have a problem with your electronic fuel injection or 'EFI.'

Mechanics 2 U have many years experience servicing and repairing fuel injectors and the related systems and parts and we can help fix your car's woes as well.

Our EFI Services include;

  • Diagnostics, testing and inspection
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Cleaning your Throttle valve, fuel filter and fuel injector
  • Checking sensors
  • Checking engine control unit (ECU)

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Here are the important parts of the electronic fuel injection system;

  • The engine control unit (ECU), also known as the 'power train' – this is a computer that takes inputs from sensors spread throughout the car, processes the information and makes changes to the fuel injection process to keep your car running optimally and safely
  • Throttle Valve – this is connected to the accelerator pedal and it regulates how much air is being let into the engine
  • Fuel filter – as the name suggests, this device filters your fuel as it comes out of the tank on its way to the engine. Without a filter big particles could find their way into you engine and cause some serious damage
  • Fuel pump – supplies pressurised fuel for the injectors. There's also a 'fuel rail' which transports the fuel from the pump to the injectors
  • Fuel injectors – this is where the magic happens. When the injector is energised, an electromagnet moves a plunger which opens a valve which sprays fuel into the intake valve. A nozzle on the end turns the fuel into a fine spray which makes it combust more easily. All of this happens in a fraction of a second so there's enough fuel for the engine as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator

All of these parts can have problems from general wear and tear to faults, leaks, clogs and other damage. You may notice dashboard lights, trouble starting; the engine sounds or feels funny as its idling or the smell of fuel in the car.

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