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We can do clutch services from our two mobile vans or from our workshop in Rocklea.
Mobile Clutch Service Brisbane

Mechanics 2U can help you service and repair your clutch when something goes wrong. We have many years experience in the Brisbane area and it would be a pleasure to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. We are also one of Brisbane's premier mobile mechanics so we can service you at your location rather than having to bring your car into the workshop.

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Here are some common clutch problems:

  • Disengaged clutch
  • Clutch locked 
  • Clutch elicits chirping noise
  • Clutch elicits rumbling noise
  • Clutch won't transmit power from engine to wheels
  • Persistent growling noise when idling
  • Squealing noise for depressed clutch
  • Sticking - no push/pull
  • Leaky or defective
  • Air in line
  • And more

Maybe you have begun to hear some kind of a chirping noise once your clutch is engaged. Perhaps it's actually some kind of a rumbling noise. Whatever you think could be causing it; this could be what's known as the "throw-out bearing" or the clutch release bearing. When your throw-out bearing is working correctly, it is pressed in the middle of the diaphragm spring. The throw-out bearing is used to disengage the clutch. But these bearings can be worn out, broken or can be faulty and inconsistent.

Another issue related back to your clutch could be the hydraulic line. The hydraulic line actually transfers force all over the car to different spots where it's needed and when it's needed. You will begin to notice issues with your hydraulic line when the clutch begins to "stick." There is not the pressure sufficient to unstick this line; it could be because there is air in the line. This line could also be leaky or defective.

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