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When you need to buy a used car, who can you trust? So many used cars are sold with less than reputable dealers, in shoddy condition, and with little to no guarantees.

You need a dealer who you can trust, who won't give you the runaround, and who will back you up when you need it.

This is why Mechanics 2U should be your first choice in the Rocklea and Brisbane areas. We specialise in cars under $5K for first car buyers and those on a budget.

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Who are Mechanics 2U and why should you call us?

  • We are a licensed dealer.
  • Most of our cars are priced under $5K, a perfect entry level for new car buyers.
  • All of our cars are properly roadworthy.
  • Cars here are perfect for first time car buyers.
  • We offer "roadside assistance" in case you break down while out and about.

Make no mistake; you need to be speaking with a used car dealer that won't give you the runaround when you are buying a first car. Mechanics 2U is such a dealer.

So many used cars can barely make it off the lot before they fall apart. This is what makes Mechanics 2U different. Not only do they stand behind all of their vehicles but they also offer this roadside assistance to new car owners. That means if your car has an issue within a certain time period from the time that you bought it and you have a breakdown, Mechanics 2U will send out their mobile response team to get you back up and on the road in no time. This breaking down for the first time out on the road can be a dreadful experience. Mechanics 2U are here to help.

Another issue with used cars is price. The wild difference in used car prices from dealer to dealer could make a sane person think they've gone mad. We keep entry level car buyers in mind when buying and pricing our vehicle stock with the aim of keeping most of our cars under $5k.

We all need a car but we don't want to lose an arm paying for it; especially our first cars. Mechanics 2U has got good, quality cars and offers them at a fair price.

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