Car Heating Services


Car heating issues are easy to spot. You get into the car in the morning and there is no heat. While some may put this off for another day and try to power through the winter with chilly fingers, call the team who will come to you on your schedule. Our mechanics will come out and your heat going in no time!

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Why Choose Us

  • Peace of Mind: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre we back up all the work we perform with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee with every repair.
  • Ease of Service: With mechanics who will come to you for all your car heating services, there is no need to rack your brain with scheduling. We make it easy to get everything from log book services to transmission work done.
  • Great Mechanics: As a part of the Repco family, the team at Mechanics 2 U are kept up to date on all the latest parts and services thanks to ongoing training seminars and service bulletins.

Car Heating Services from Mechanics 2 U Include:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Rear Vent Cleaning
  • Front Vent Cleaning
  • Foot Wells Cleaning
  • Windshield Vent Cleaning
  • Heater Replacement
  • Electric Fan Replacement
  • Heating Hose Replacement
  • Temperature Control Replacement

Car Heating Systems: Common Issues

There are many reasons that your heat may not turn on. Some of the most common car heating system issues include:

  • The electric motor can overheat and burn out.
  • The thermostat may be broken so that there is no heat regulation.
  • There could be a break in the hoses.

Often when there are issues with the heating system, there are issues with the cooling system. Stay on top of these services in the spring and the fall to make sure your car is running in peak condition and that you are comfortable in the vehicle. You can have our mechanics take a look at these issues as part of log book services, seasonal maintenance or in an emergency on a particularly chilly morning.

No matter if you're at our shop or stuck in the parking lot, our team comes to you. Make your appointment with our team at Mechanics 2 U today!

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