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Modern car brakes are pretty sophisticated but still they are only as reliable as their weakest link. If you ignore it when your brakes make your car shudder, squeak, stop slowly or fail to stop altogether, then you're asking for trouble! If your car has had any inkling of brake issues, we suggest you bring it in for a check-up and service straight away.

Why wait until it's too late? A call to Mechanics 2U can save you the headache of a car that's not working, the problem of a consumptive accident, or something much worse.

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Brake services we offer include (as required):

  • Brake inspections and brake testing
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Disk and drum machining
  • Brake line repair
  • Brake fluid top off
  • Emergency brake testing & repair
  • Full brake repair or replacement

Something as simple as a squealing noise can mean big trouble for your car. Your brake pads could be the culprit and this is something that you should not delay in having checked out. If your brake pads or brake linings begin to make contact with your disc brakes' rotor, this will cause friction and ultimately this noise you hear. Not only will your car stop slower but eventually there is the chance that your brakes will fail. This is the case for your brake shoes, in your rear drum brakes, as well.

If you press down the brakes and nothing is happening at all; if you quite literally can't stop the car; that makes your car a danger to yourself and to everyone else on the road. This could be because your hydraulics is not getting the right amount of brake fluid. When your brake fluid enters the hydraulic system, this transfers and multiplies the force being exerted by your foot stepping down on the pedal. If it is not easy for you to depress the brakes and get a resounding and certain stop then you will not be able to stop the car nearly as easily.

Whatever the problem with your brakes; it always pays to have a professional like Mechanics 2U on your side. You can be sure that your car is getting the trained eye and experience of a professional and you know that the work will be done right, the first time.

The next generation of braking is here

Mechanics 2 U realise the importance of your safety so it goes without saying we are happy to announce that Repco’s next generation of brake pads - Repco RCT - are now available from our Rocklea car service centre...

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