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Coolant hoses, serpentine belts and timing belts are not items which you may regularly keep in mind for service. However, when there is even a crack in a coolant hose or a broken tooth on the V-belt your car may not start. When you are experiencing belt or hose issues in Rocklea call the team who will send Mechanics 2 U.

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Why Work With Us

  • Peace of Mind: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre you know that the team who arrives to work on your car will be doing as fine a job as if you were coming into the shop. Additionally, with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee you know that wherever the issue happens, you're protected.
  • Ease of Service: At Mechanics 2 U we work on your schedule. If you cannot make it to the shop we come to you. Head to the kids cricket game and we will be there to fix the timing belt as they lead the team.
  • Knowledgeable Team: As our team heads into the field daily, they're always up to date on the latest parts, services and diagnostic equipment to make quick work of vehicle issues.

Services for Belts and Hoses from Mechanics 2 U

  • Air Intake Hose Replacement
  • Coolant Hose Replacement
  • Clamp Repair
  • Fan Belt Replacement
  • Steering Fluid Hose Replacement
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Hose Replacement
  • V-Belt Replacement

Belts and Hoses: Glossary

Keeping all of the different belts and hoses straight is complex, unless you are one of our mechanics. That being said, we have created a glossary so that our clients will know exactly which part is being serviced.

  • Air Intake Hose: Connects the air filter to the engine to bring air into the fuel.
  • Fan Belt: Bring air into the radiator so that it can work to cool the engine.
  • V-Belt: Found in the transmission and used to control the timing.
  • Serpentine Belts: Found in use with the air pump, alternator and steering pump.

For belt and hose repairs call us at Mechanics 2 U!

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