Why we brake test!


We give priority to our customers safety, that’s why we add a Safe T Stop to our service inspection.

On Friday we detected a fault in a vehicle that would of been impossible to diagnose without it. The left rear brake was only operating at approximately 20%. In an emergency situation this would probably cause the vehicle to spin out.

When it was mentioned to the customer they said that they had a minor accident in the wet a while ago because the car did not stop properly. You can see in the report that the left rear was not working and most of the brake pressure was going to the right wheel. In the second photo after the brake proportioning valve had been replaced the braking at each wheel was balanced.

The Safe T Stop Test checks brake forces at each wheel and tests overall performance. It also checks hand brake operation, wheel alignment and shock absorber condition and also vehicle weight.

Don‘t hesitate to get your vehicle checked - call in and get a Safe T Stop check done for only $25 it could save you much more than that.



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