Auto Electrical Repairs


We've all had a flat battery at one time or another, but what happens when you jump start it, drive around then find it flat again next time you go to start it? It's probably more than just the battery.

Don't waste time, money and your patience by trying to figure out the problem yourself. Call Mechanics 2 U and we'll not only fix the problem but we'll do it at your house while you relax. That's right, no need to drop your car in because we come to you.

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Our auto electrical services include inspections, testing, repairs and replacements of your car's electrical systems and components such as;

  • fuel pumps
  • radios
  • trailer brakes
  • burglar alarms
  • air conditioning
  • gauges and instruments
  • turn indicators
  • control circuits
  • DC generators
  • starter motors
  • alternators
  • batteries
  • electronic fuel injection systems
  • electric gear shift control systems
  • lighting and ignition systems

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Some common auto electrical problems we encounter are:

  • A blown fuse – this can bring your whole system to a standstill but is relatively easy to fix
  • A dead battery – if you've left the headlights or an inside light on then the battery is probably just drained, however if you haven't and you find it's just going flat all the time then it might be time to get a new battery or there could be problems with your alternator
  • Alternator belt – the alternator recharges your battery using the power generated by the engine and harnessing it using a belt. If the belt brakes, gets displaced or comes loose it will cripple or destroy your car's ability to charge the battery
  • Broken or loose wiring – you have wires running all through your car to connect the various electrical items. If an important wire comes loose, breaks, wears out or melts then you will have a problem running your car. It's also a difficult problem to diagnose

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